UNISON Response to Open Letter from Cllr Alexander

UNISON members at Moray Council will now be aware of the statement issued yesterday (21st November) by Cllr Alexander in response to the comments made in the media by Cllr Wilson.  At this point in time Moray UNISON has not been made aware of the budget cuts being proposed by the Council however, we will update members with the position as soon as possible.

Please find below Moray UNISON Branch press release in response to Cllr Alexander’s statement:

Having considered the statement from Councillor Alexander which was issued this morning, UNISON can concur with his assessment that the comments made by Councillor Wilson have indeed “spread fear and alarm”.   UNISON has already been approached by members deeply concerned for their jobs and it is regrettable that this information is in the public domain before unions and affected staff have been provided with the detail.

Suzanne Wright, Moray UNISON Branch Secretary stated, “It is deeply troubling to hear once again, Councillor Alexander talking about staff redundancies. As UNISON has previously made clear,  making staff redundant is a short-sighted policy which will only ensure there is less money circulating in the Moray Council area and lead to increased levels of hardship for many, as well as increased levels of stress and sickness absence for those employees left to continue to deliver services in what are already struggling public services.  Any attempt to force job cuts on our members will be resisted.”

She continued, “We hear Councillor Alexander and agree with him that these service cuts are down to decisions made at national government level, however he, and the Moray Tory/Independent administration, are not helpless bystanders. Many members of the administration are part of a Conservative Party which has shown very clearly it is ideologically opposed to well-funded public services.  If Councillor Alexander is genuine in his desire to avoid service cuts and job losses then we would urge him and his colleagues to contact the Westminster government and make clear that underfunding of public services cannot continue and urge the Tory Party to reflect on their spending priorities.”