All members of Moray Unison, who retire from work are entitled to retain their membership of the unison and the branch as retired members. This includes members who take early retirement.

There is no cost involved. The one-off subscription is paid by the branch as a thank you for past involvement in the life and work of the union.

Continuing membership after retirement, enables members to maintain contact with colleagues.

Retired members enjoy all the benefits of UNISON membership including:

The retired members’ section is able to arrange activities and outings, lunches and meeting.

So if you are retiring soon – or have already retired – please get in touch with the Retired Members’ Officer, through the branch office. You will be sent a membership application form and a reply-paid envelope. It’s as simple as that! And free!

If you’ve been a UNISON member for at least two years on the day you retire and have either received state pension age or get a pension, you can become a retired member.

Retired Members Officer

The branch Retired Members’ Officer is John Barrett. He can be contacted via the Branch Office