Response to council management restructuring

On 2 February 2011, The Moray Council approved proposals to restructure the management of services across the council and Moray UNISON has significant concerns about these proposals.

A completely new, additional department is being created which covers Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Performance Management and Community Engagement and this is likely to fuel the already excessive amounts of unnecessary statistic gathering and report production.

Responding to the proposals Moray UNISON Branch Secretary, Irene Sinclair, said “This significant change, the creation of a new department whose functions are mostly related to non-productive service or support is very worrying in these times of budget cuts.

Actions speak louder than words, and people in Moray want the council to use resources to deliver services, instead of talking about them. By reducing the burdens of producing statistics about what has or hasn’t been done the council could be saving money instead of spending more.”

UNISON is not opposed to a simplified management structure in itself, rather the focus of the proposed new departments.

Reducing the number of departments providing statutory and front line services from three to two will result in combining the distinctly different disciplines of Education and Social Care and this is likely to create more problems than it solves. Meanwhile essential back office services will be forced into one department to allow for the creation of the new “non-department”.

Moray UNISON hopes that sense will prevail and that elected members will reconsider these proposals. We believe that the priority should be the provision of services to maintain and improve the lives of those working and living in Moray.