Rule Book

Under the UNISON Rule Book members are entitled to certain benefits including:

  • Death benefit
  • Fatal accident benefit
  • Incapacity benefit
  • Accident benefit
  • Education and training grants

Read the UNISON rule book to find out more.

UNISON also offers you additional benefits and services by offering superb discounts on many services. You could save the cost of your subscription many times over. Why not check them out for yourself at our members benefits section.

A couple of calls will show you just how much your UNISON membership can save you.

UNISON membership does not stop supporting you when you finish work for the day. UNISON also offers you:

  • excellent legal services at work and in the home.
  • education and training advice on courses leading to vocational and professional qualifications.
  • a colour magazine sent to your home four times a year
  • a fortnightly newspaper for our stewards and activists.
  • pensions advice and welfare services as well as certain benefits guaranteed by our rulebook.

Got a problem at work?
See your local steward or phone UNISON Direct on 0845 355 0845.