UNISON has entered into arrangements with Thompsons Solicitors to give branches access, through the UNISONScotland office, to local high quality employment advice.

What are the Services?

In addition to directly work related problems, all members who meet the membership requirement are entitled to legal help in the following areas:

    Employment Law

  • Health and Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Benefits and Consumer Law
  • Non Work Related Accidents
  • Leaflets Available
  • Family Law Service
  • Property, Mortgage and Estate Agency
  • Free Wills, Trust and Executry
  • Independent Financial Advice
  • Road Traffic Scheme
  • Criminal Law Service
  • Work Related Accidents/ Diseases

Who qualifies?

To qualify for legal help, members will have to show that:

  • they were a member at least 4 weeks before they knew they needed legal help.
  • their subscriptions are up to date (they must continue to pay subscriptions while the case is going ahead).

How to apply

If you have a problem, for employment matters you MUST contact the branch directly who can refer the matter to the regional officer or legal department. Members should not instruct solicitors, as UNISON will not be liable for any costs you have to pay.