Scottish Disabled Members’ Group AGM

The AGM of the Scottish Disabled Members’ Self Organised Group will take place as follows:


Saturday 25 November 2017



10.30 am



UNISON House, 14 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 6RX


The AGM is open to all disabled members in UNISON in Scotland.


Motions are invited from Branches and need to be returned to UNISON by no later than Friday 27 October 2017   Any member therefore wishing to submit a motion should ensure that this is submitted to the Moray Branch Secretary for consideration at the Branch meeting to be held on 11th October 2017.


Anyone wishing to attend as a delegate should inform the Branch Secretary prior to the Branch Meeting on the 11th October 2017 when any nominations will be considered, read more

Violence at work

UNISON has published a new health and safety guide on violence at work, targeted at the community and voluntary sector.


It is titled ‘It’s not part of the job’ because there is a view at senior levels in the sector that violence initiated by cared for persons is something that staff working in the sector should just put up with. As a consequence, proper recording systems and risk assessments are generally inadequate. This is also a problem in other sectors (education, health and social care), but progress has been made and systems changed, even if there is some way to go in changing behaviours. read more

Scrap the Cap

Following months of UNISON pressure, the Scottish Government has said they will lift the 1% pay cap on public service workers.  That’s a welcome start, but what does it mean?

1.2%?  1.7%?  2%?  Inflation is 2.9%, so that’s still a real terms pay cut.  And what about all the pay we’ve lost over the last 10 years?  See just how much you’ve lost with our pay cut calculator

And who is it for? The Scottish Government has mentioned nurses and teachers. But what about all the rest of us. Council workers are amongst the lowest paid and local government has taken the biggest hit of job losses. read more

Campaign to divest pension funds from fossil fuels

At National Delegate Conference this year, UNISON passed a motion from Scotland calling on UNISON to campaign for pension funds to be divested from fossil fuels.  Conference agreed to:

  • Campaign for divestment from fossil fuel extraction for all pension funds where we have members and we can argue it is in the fiduciary interests of scheme members;
  • Seek alliances amongst other trade unions who share our objective and work co operatively with them to achieve divestment;
  • Engage with UNISON members with an aim of improving their knowledge base around climate threats created by fossil fuel extraction;
  • Produce literature that will enable branches to engage with the employers where they are members of a LGPF.
  • read more

    Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) hours

    Members working in Early Years/Nursery provisions will have received today (or will receive on their next working day) a letter from Moray Council Human Resources department outlining the Authority’s plans for moving forward with the expansion of provision within the sector in line with the requirements of the Scottish Government.

    Art this stage, there is limited information available on the changes being proposed however prior to any agreement, formal consultation with staff and the relevant trade unions will be undertaken in line with the Council’s Change Management Policy. read more