Moray Council Budget Cuts

Please find below the Moray Unison statement in respect of the Moray Council budget cuts approved by the Council’s ruling administration on 14th February:

Moray Unison is appalled by the decision of Moray Council at its meeting this morning (14th February 2018) to agree a package of nearly £7 million pounds worth of cuts to services.

Suzanne Wright, Branch Secretary stated “the cuts agreed by Full Council this morning are not only a devastating blow to our members whose jobs are being cut, but will wreak havoc on already pressured services.” read more


Following the LGBT AGM there is still 1 vacancy on the General Seat and 3 vacancies on the Women’s Seats.  If any member is interested in being nominated for these vacancies please contact the Branch Secretary by Friday 5th January 2018. 

Community Conference 2018

Moray UNISON is entitled to send a delegation to Community Conference and Seminar in Southport, on 2-4 March 2018.

 The annual conference and seminar for members in the Community Service Group are a key focus where activists, and potential activists, can learn, discuss, and grow in confidence amongst colleagues in similar employer small community organisations, big charities and housing associations.

 Any eligible member interested in attending should contact the Branch by Monday 11th December 2017. read more

Menopause in Work Survey

The Menopause in Work survey, which was launched at the STUC women’s conference in Glenrothes on 30th October, is open until 1st December 2017.

The STUC women’s committee is interested in investigating how Scottish employers are responding to menopause in work and what the experiences of women in the workplace are. We would like you to complete this survey as honestly as you can. Your personal data will always be kept 100% confidential and is open to men and women, union members and non-union members. read more

UNISON Response to Open Letter from Cllr Alexander

UNISON members at Moray Council will now be aware of the statement issued yesterday (21st November) by Cllr Alexander in response to the comments made in the media by Cllr Wilson.  At this point in time Moray UNISON has not been made aware of the budget cuts being proposed by the Council however, we will update members with the position as soon as possible.

Please find below Moray UNISON Branch press release in response to Cllr Alexander’s statement:

Having considered the statement from Councillor Alexander which was issued this morning, UNISON can concur with his assessment that the comments made by Councillor Wilson have indeed “spread fear and alarm”.   UNISON has already been approached by members deeply concerned for their jobs and it is regrettable that this information is in the public domain before unions and affected staff have been provided with the detail. read more